Why Breakfast?

I’ve had lots of requests for a “breakfast class” and I’m excited to bring it to you on July 20th, because I’m one of those people who thinks breakfast is super important. I tend to eat a big breakfast, a big lunch, and super light dinner. That way, the hours that I’m awake, active, and productive are fueled with nutrition, and I get a mini-fast every evening between my light early dinner and my breakfast.

For me, starting out with protein in the morning helps me curb my cravings throughout the day. I’m up early, and I need serious fuel to make it through my day strong. You’ll notice that my smoothies and smoothie bowls always have protein (protein powder, collagen, animal protein) along with healthy fats,  fruits & veggies. A well-rounded breakfast is as important (if not more important than) any other meal.

What do you do to start your day out right?

Are you going to learn about healthy breakfast with me on July 20th?

See you there!

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