How to Make a Cold Plunge from a Deep Freezer

Have you tried a Cold Plunge yet? It’s my new bio-hacking tool and I’m hooked. I hop in my plunge for just three minutes a day and the benefits are amazing. I’m seeing a huge increase in my energy and focus, a boost of my immune system, and even a reduction in my inflammation.

I saved $1000’s of dollars by building my cold plunge from a deep freezer. It was so easy to set up and I am so grateful to have it in the comfort of my own backyard!


What I Bought:


1. Deep Freezer Chest
I bought a 14.8 cubic foot chest freezer. You can use a smaller one, but I splurged on the bigger one so my whole body (including my shoulders) could be submerged.


2. Clear Sealant
I used DAP clear advanced sealant and it did the trick.


3. Digital Temperature Controller


4. Water Filter for Fish Tanks.


5. Ozone Machine
I chose the JED 203 Ozone Generator. This is optional to buy, but will guarantee your water is sanitized! It’s so worth the investment. I will rarely have to change the water in my plunge thanks to this machine.


How I Made It:


First, find the perfect spot for your new cold plunge.
Wipe out and clean the inside of the freezer. I used apple cider vinegar to clean.
Caulk and seal the corners and the drain.
Let dry over night.
Fill with water.
Plug freezer into temperature controller.
Set temp to 44-50 degrees – I’ve set mine to 44 but you can start at 50 degrees and go from there!
Attach your water filter and ozone machine.
My freezer took about 3 days to get to the 44 degrees.


John over at is amazing and will guide you on how to set up the entire plunge with filter and ozone in more detail.


I hope you found this helpful! Please reach out if you have any questions.


Happy plunging!

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