Body Positivity

Hi Y’all! I wanted to talk about body positivity and what that means to me. I struggled for decades having body dysmorphia and never being comfortable in my own skin. I always wanted to change my body and was never in acceptance. I was always in a race to lose weight and did everything I could to keep the “fat” off. This led to over 30 years of disordered eating and a very exhausting, unhappy life. I put all of my self worth in how my body looked, if I was “skinny” enough and the number on the scale.

There was never any talk when I was growing up on different body types/shapes/sizes and how it is ok that we are all uniquely different. And seriously how boring would it be if we all looked the same!?

I love now that there is so much attention on body positivity and how all body types, shapes and sizes are beautiful. This is such an important message. One of my missions is to help inspire others to love and accept their beautiful bodies now. And to help people create a healthy relationship with food, their bodies and self. If you are reading this and struggling, there is hope! It is possible to feel confident and beautiful in your body!

And do I have days where I am not in acceptance of my body? Of course I do!! I am human! But now I do not have to act on it thru compulsive dieting, over exercising, starving myself, laxatives and negative self talk. I acknowledge my uncomfortable feelings and then know it is a sign to dive deeper inward. Usually when I am triggered with my body/bootie/stomach, it really has nothing to do with that body part. It actually is me needing to address what is really bothering me. This is where the inner work starts…not easy at all, but so worth it. I can’t wait to share more on this topic in my book HUNGRY Why I F*cking Eat! Coming end of year.

A year ago I would have never put this picture on IG! No way I would have had the nerve to show my stomach! I had so much shame around the shape of my body and number on the scale. This work towards loving and accepting my body now as it is, has been a very long journey. But today I can say I love my body, my curves and feel comfortable in my skin. I always want to feel alive, confident, beautiful, lit up and turned on in my body! I am on this journey with you! And love connecting with these conversations. Take it a day at a time and take small actions to start to love and accept your beautiful body. Examples of small actions: dancing naked, looking at your body in the mirror, moving your body, more rest, meditation, fueling your body with the right foods and letting go of trying to have the “perfect” body or diet.

I am here for you! DM me if this resonates with you. This is a journey and I am grateful to be on it with you. Much love to you all xoxoxo

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