What’s in Chef Amber’s Suitcase?

Travelling can be stressful (not to mention dehydrating!) but I always pack some essentials to keep me feeling calm and refreshed when I land…plus they all fit inside my carry on! Read on to discover what I do to stay energized and prevent a full body crash when i get home.



1. My TrueDark glasses. They block blue light, which is perfect when I want to snooze during my flight2. Reishi and rose water spray from Sun Potion. Reishi is one of my favorite adaptogens and helps lower my stress and calm my nervous system, and rose water centers me for meditation.
3. Noise canceling headphones, another huge help for sleeping on planes!
4. Liposomal vitamin C to help keep my immune system strong.
5. My crystal to keep me grounded.
6. My go-to doTerra oils, On Guard (for immunity) and oregano.
7. Natural antibacterial spray from doTerra. I spray it on everything I touch when I get on the plane!
8. Chlorella powder to boost my immunity.
9. Fiber balls from The Source are a perfect, filling snack.

10-12. Magnesium, pancreatic enzymes, and coconut charcoal supplements keep me balanced, and help my digestive system run smoothly, when I have less control over the food I’m eating.

13. Baru nuts, which are loaded with protein and fiber.


Small things make such a huge difference!

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