What I Love About Spring

Spring brings a lot more than peas, asparagus, and baby leeks.

Food-wise, things get lighter, greener, fresher, and crisper… but I also love that the days are longer and I stay motivated to take evening walks. I can spend more time in nature and be more active outside the gym.

I also love to slow down and take a pause when the season changes. During the years I worked at mediterraneo and the summer was our busy season, I would blink on St. Patrick’s day, and all of a sudden it was October. Every year, the spring and summer flew by because we kept so busy. But here we are in March, and a quarter of the year has passed by already, and I am slowing down to remember what my intentions were from the beginning of 2017.  Where did I want to be? Where did I want to be going? What did I want to be doing?

It’s a great time now to refocus – to notice and accept where I am right now.

What does Spring bring up for you?

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