Some More Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

I’m adding 5 more to last year’s list…

  1. Charcoal Before Parties – Before going to a holiday party, I take some activated charcoal to help my body deal with any toxins I might be ingesting.
  2. Liquid Dinner Before Intermittent Fasting – You might remember that last year I posted about intermittent fasting. Try having some bone broth or your veggie soup for an early dinner before a long break. Sleep well and eat a late breakfast to let your body reset.
  3. Plant Based Eating Around Party Time – When you have party after party after party after party, you can treat yourself right by eating some plant based meals with lots of greens when you’re not partying.
  4. Keep Exercising – Don’t let your healthy habits get away from you. Even if all you can get in is an abbreviated workout, or a 5 minute meditation, take care of yourself by giving yourself the gift of you-time.
  5. Slow Down and Acknowledge You – I’ve been setting an alarm for 2pm to remind myself to acknowledge me every day. Set an alarm or find your own way to set aside time to remind yourself that you are doing  a great job!!  Keep going!

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