Slowing Down and Manifesting More Time

One of my 2019 intentions is to slow down, be more present with everything I am doing, and allow more time and space into my life. Multitasking is something I am trying to let go of! I run at a very fast inner pace at all times; I tend to overschedule, overcommit, and make my to-do lists unattainable. Sometimes t feels like I’m juggling too much and I spin out of control. I have to admit that I do like the buzz and dopamine hit of crossing tasks off my list and over scheduling my day, because I feel like I accomplished so much. But in reality I’m getting in my own way, causing a tremendous amount of stress which leads to blown out adrenals, increased cortisol levels and poor sleep. Why does our society give us so many points for a super busy life and all we accomplish?

I used to determine my worth based of the quantity of my work load, but not this year! This year I am claiming and bringing in more time and space to my life. I am slowing down and catching myself when I start to multitask too much. I actually have been practicing this during the month of January, and I’m already finding that I’m more productive and less stressed…imagine that! I’m also allowing myself more solo quiet time, connection with friends and loved ones, more creating, and more self-care days. All of this is a daily practice for me. Just being and not doing is so hard for me most of the time, and slowing down truly feels like I’m building a new muscle. Meditation and connecting with nature are definitely my two most valuable tools.

Do you struggle with slowing down and being present? How do you make time and space for yourself? Let me know in the comments, or on Instagram! I’d love to hear from you.

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