Self Love (part 1)

Part of my journey is discovering what self love really looks, tastes, smells, and feels like. Since each person is unique, everyone’s experience of self love differs. I know I can learn new ways to show myself love by learning how others do it. Over the next few months I will be featuring stories and insights from people whose self love has inspired me. Today Leslie, Sheri, Sara, and Sandy are sharing their Self Love experiences with us.


Leslie Trujillo

Self Love is: An awareness that I am truly unique and need to give myself the same respect, appreciation, attention and forgiveness that I give to others. I used to beat myself up when I made mistakes or criticized myself for not being the way media portrays beauty, but now I just recognize when my internal critic arises and remind myself of the miracle of my uniqueness and journey I am on. I give energy to take care of myself physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that I feel the love within me. I can then live and love passionately and inspire others to do the same. I am LOVE!


Sheri Fink




My favorite ways to show myself love:

  1. Taking extraordinary care of myself: daily meditations, breakfast in bed, and challenging workouts
  2. Setting healthy boundaries and being selective about how and with whom I invest my time
  3. Spending time in environments that feel good to me: nature, my home sanctuary, etc.


Sara Krish

Self Love is: Those beautiful moments when I acknowledge the power that resides within. Comfort in the knowing that I can tend to my soul, rise above the unpleasant, soothe my aching heart, and access an abundance of joy. All it takes is a little attention and free flowing Self Love to tap back in to that strong, resilient warrior.


Sandy Abrams




Some of my favorite acts of self love:

  1. Taking yoga class for moving meditation to clear my mind and keep my body agile
  2. Taking a walk by the ocean or sitting on the beach quietly (no music or podcasts in my ears) and taking deep, slow breaths of ocean air to rejuvenate and calm myself
  3. Biking over to The Source for healthy, indulgent, nourishing food or cook something comforting and healthy at home




Stay tuned for more Self Love… coming soon!

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