Optimum Health Institute – Part 2

If you’ve been following along with my blog or Instagram, you’ll know that I recently visited the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego (catch up here!) This week, I wanted to share my top seven takeaways from my trip.


  1. At OHI, I learned that there are SO many benefits to wheatgrass. My daily wheatgrass shots were a vital part of my day, and I’m inspired to continue taking them. Wheatgrass is high in potassium, selenium, and magnesium; helps with tissue repair and is a great antioxidant and helps strengthen the immune system.
  2. I learned about the effect that different food combinations have on my digestive system, and I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge. I am more mindful now of combining fruits with my proteins for example. I eat my fruit solo and allow 30 minutes to digest before eating my protein.
  3. There are some really great benefits to eating two cups of raw sprouts per day, and I’m going to begin growing sprouts for myself AND The Source Cafe! Sprouts contain so many available enzymes and our bodies can easily digest them!
  4. Rejuvenac, a fermented quinoa drink, is fantastic for gut health. I’ll soon be making it available at The Source Cafe. So exciting! Rejuvenac is great for increasing positive bacteria in our gut, high in probiotics and great for digestion. Best to drink this on an empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything else.
  5. I’m going to start incorporating more raw meals into my diet. I already eat a lot of salads, but I also love my steamed veggies! I’m going to be experimenting with new raw toasts, porridges, granolas, and more! I can keep my body alkalined and balanced with raw fruits/veggies/grains and add my proteins as accompaniments!
  6. At OHI, I began blessing my food; I’m so grateful for the beautiful, nourishing food going into my body, and I’m going to be much more intentional about meal planning, and making time for myself to eat mindfully even when I’m moving quickly during the day.
  7. These are the best websites to make sure your life is as toxin free as possible when it comes to cosmetics, lotions, toothpaste, body care, hair stuff. Also a great site to check on the top GMO foods to avoid! www.toxinfreetribe.comwww.ewg.org/skindeepnutritionfacts.org
  8. And last but not least, I really enjoyed doing wheatgrass enemas and colonics as I was detoxing and cleansing. I have always been a fan of quarterly colonics and coffee enemas, but was great learning about the cleansing power of wheatgrass. I will continue to do coffee and wheatgrass enemas for maintenance and to keep my gut healthy and active!


I think my biggest takeaway of all might be the mantra I developed while I was away: As I expand in abundance, love, creativity, and success, I uplift and inspire those around me to do the same. When I left OHI, I was in tears because of how happy, light, and connected I felt. I have so many exciting projects and opportunities to look forward to, and I’m very clear on what I want to manifest. It was such a gift to go away and come back refreshed and ready to take on the world!

Photo courtesy of Optimum Health Institute

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