Optimum Health Institute – Part 1

Sometimes, despite my absolute best intentions, I move too fast. It may only be March, but I’ve already been craving some quiet time to unplug from the world and recharge my own batteries! This year started off in high gear, and I could feel the effect it was having on my health; between stress, poor sleep, and a hectic schedule, my adrenals were already burning out. So I decided to (finally!) take a trip to The Optimum Health Institute, a destination I’ve been wanting to visit for years.

OHI is located on a private campus in San Diego. It’s beautifully simple and forces you off the grid. There are no phones allowed on campus, and no TVs or click radios in the rooms. It’s a place to unwind, reflect, and renew. The program is a detox for mind, body and spirit! While I was there, I took nutritional classes, meditation workshops, and spent lots of quiet time focused on integration.

The detox revolved mainly around a raw diet high in wheatgrass. My diet for the week was free of nuts, salt, and oils, which allowed my body to fully release the toxins it was retaining. We took two shots of wheatgrass per day, and supplemented with daily wheatgrass enemas and colonics, which are incredibly powerful detoxifiers. Our gut is responsible for so much of our health, and it deserves love! Detoxing our digestive system supports immunity, mental clarity, organ health, skin, and even our hormones.

Spending time at OHI gave me the confidence to realize that I truly have the power to heal my body. I sometimes get discouraged and feel defeated when I don’t see results as quickly as I’d like (and I’m sure many of you do, too!) But last week reminded me of how powerful my body is, and I just need to support it while it does its amazing work.

I’ll be sharing more of my takeaways next week, so be sure to follow along on Instagram! I love sharing my journey with you.

Photo courtesy of Optimum Health Institute

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