My Week In Tulum

I’m so excited to share my adventure in Tulum! I had the amazing opportunity to explore the town and attend the Summit conference!What a magical week! It was so great to disconnect and really be present every day of the trip. There was so much connection, meditation, breathwork, and open heart workshops that really forced me to connect with myself and the incredible people I met, while being in such a beautiful environment grounded me and opened me up.

I was inspired by the fresh, beautiful cuisine, and fell in love with the ceviche and wood fired cooking that are such a huge part of the culture of Tulum. And I can’t stop thinking about all of the jicama watermelon salads I ate! Inspired to make a version of this at The Source Cafe. The pace of Tulum inspired me to take life a bit slower and really appreciate Mother Earth. It was amazing to be in the jungle but so close to the ocean; I was able to connect to all of the elements. Tulum is a very spiritual place, and there are so many cultural traditions, like Mayan cacao ceremonies and Temazcal sweat lodges.

The week was packed with magical moments! We dined and danced under the Scorpio full moon, experienced the sweat lodge, and connected to Mother Earth during a healing sound bath session. I met so many amazing, like-minded entrepreneurs and was uplifted by their energy, creativity, passion, vulnerability, and connection. I was inspired by Chef Charles Michel about the difference between flavor and taste, and how sexy is the new healthy when it comes to food and how we nourish our bodies! I also loved listening to Ryel Kestano, co-founder of Authentic Relating Training, and Bobby Klein, whose workshop, Archeology of The Soul, was a powerful tool in helping build intuition, expand consciousness, and connecting with our inner wisdom.

I can’t stop thinking about how important human connection is. We all move so fast, and it’s too easy to rush conversations and connection. My favorite workshop at Summit was The Human Connection Experience with Jessica Encell Coleman, which taught me to make it a priority to be present with both loved ones and strangers. Eye contact and touch are so important and vital to our health. When was the last time you engaged in a twelve second hug or eye gazed with a friend or lover for at least a minute? Being our authentic selves, even with strangers, is so powerful. We are all here to live our best lives and lift each other up. I love the intimacy of being vulnerable with a complete stranger andsharing a soulful moment without words. And intimacy doesn’t need to be sexual! Any human touch can be intimate if it forms a connection.

I left Tulum feeling uplifted, inspired, vulnerable, open to anything that comes my way, and full of excitement to continue to share my gifts, create, and connect!

A few quick travel tips if you decide to plan a visit to Tulum:

STAY: The Nomade and Ahau are both beautiful properties, and very inviting. Many of the hotels in the area have yoga, breathwork, tantra, sweat lodge, and cacao ceremonies so that you can immerse yourself in the culture of Tulum. Ahau is great because Raw Love cafe is on the property-all organic and plant based!

EAT: I’m obsessed with Hartwood (need to make reservation here one month in advance), Mur Mur, The Real CoconutRaw Love, and Azulik. Most restaurants have plenty of options for meat eaters and vegans alike! Most of Tulum’s cuisine is plant- and fish-based, and all of the seafood is fresh and beautiful.

DO: Visit one of the breathtaking Cenotes, and have a spa day at Azulik!

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