My Tips

The creators of SHE (Sustainable, Healthy, Ethical) Changes Everything asked me to share my tips toward food freedom and body acceptance… here are my basics these days:

  • Have the courage and willingness to make a change…are you willing to let go of foods and behaviors that do not make you feel good?
  • Stop comparing yourself to other women and what they are eating.  We are so beautifully different!
  • Develop a morning routine to start your day with gratitude, self devotion and acceptance.  Start a list of all the ways you love yourself!!!
  • My favorite quote from Brenee Brown “Worthiness is my Birthright” moves me toward my personal sovereignty and freedom.

I am beyond excited to be joining the speaking panel (and the Source is providing lunch!) at SHE Day LA.  I hope you can join me! Tickets here.

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