What is L.E.A.P.?

LEAP is a women’s empowerment initiative created by Tristan Coopersmith and Kate Seiberlich of Life Lab HB with the soul purpose of encouraging women of all ages to dare to dream and to spark inspiration for women to innovate through business, creativity, and philanthropic initiatives.

LEAP provides opportunities for women to share personal stories about their journeys on the road to “success,” thus inspiring other women to be proactive about taking leaps of faith to live life on purpose. We are in a time where people are accustomed to the cookie cutter model of how to achieve greatness, and the roles one should play in society. Here at LEAP, we challenge women to be progressive leaders in their fields who create new molds, generating a ripple effect for every woman they cross paths with.

I am honored to be a panelist at the first L.E.A.P. event. I hope you’ll join me! Space is limited to only 30 participants. You can sign up here.

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