“Enjoy The Ride!”

At the recent L.E.A.P. panel at Life Lab in Hermosa Beach, we were asked about some of the best advice we’ve gotten. I immediately thought of something my dad has told me often over the years.

“Enjoy the ride.”

It’s simple. It’s not a novel idea. We hear it all the time. Stop and smell the roses. Slow down. Enjoy the ride.

But its simplicity doesn’t take away from its importance. It’s so easy to get caught up in future plans – – we do have to make them, after all. But there’s a fine line between making the plans and obsessing over them. Making plans is great, then you have to live in the moment you’re in.

“Enjoy the ride.”

Speaking on two panels in the last week has been such a pleasure, and has really helped me stay in the moment. As I stand or sit in front of a group of people, and get to honestly answer questions and share insight that has an impact on women’s lives, I get to enjoy the ride.

Stay tuned to hear about yesterday’s event, SHE DAY: LA.

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