Dry Fasting – Why I recommend it

I am a very curious person and love trying anything new! I spoke with my healer about dry fasting and read the book The Phoenix Protocol to do my research before starting. It really opened up my eyes to the world of dry fasting. I love intermittent fasting as well as water fasting. But dry fasting gives faster longer results. It’s way too scientific to explain in detail what the difference is. But dry fasting helps reduce inflammation, increases brain cognitive function, helps increase metabolism by burning fat cells, regenerates stem cells and increases life expectancy by 25 years. There are 100s of health benefits and reasons to dry fast. My intention was to allow my body to let go of some inflammation, get rid of brain fog, reset my metabolism and help heal my adrenals.

I had to be in a very strong mindset as I entered this fast. I felt really confident and strong in my body. I had fueled and nourished my body the previous week and had tons of water to prepare! I had tried a 1 one day dry fast a week before to test it out, and it was pretty easy. So I was mentally ready to go for 3 days.

My first day I had my last meal at 12pm. That way I had some water and food that day. This day was the hardest with my thirst level. I wanted water so badly that day. The next morning I had to open up my restaurant and run my ass around for almost 8 hours serving food and drinks! That was a mental game for sure and hard. I was more hungry the 2nd day than thirsty. It was too much activity for me that day. I was very cranky, impatient and bitchy…not a great combo when working with the public! That night I allowed myself to watch tv and connect with a girlfriend.

I woke up the morning going into my 3rd day and was very weak, tired, starving and honestly wanting to give up. I did not think I could go on. I was so freaking hungry. More hungry than thirsty. I had a hard time getting going that morning. I took it a minute at a time really. Thinking at any time I was going to break it and have some water or coconut water.

Dry fasting is a mental game. It forced me to slow down and really go inward. On my 3rd day, I meditated a lot and did breathwork, napped, took a very short walk, sat outside, wrote, journalled, took baths (without letting the water near my face), and stayed very quiet. I was very present with all of my feelings and emotions. I was slow and moved with intention. I realized I can do hard challenging things as long as I stay focused. I knew that I was safe and I would be fine. I really allowed myself to BE and stop all of the DOING.

I will not lie, every time I licked my lips I fantasized about drinking really cold water. Things that helped the hunger and thirst: I did an enema-they recommended doing this when feeling hungry, I took multiple baths per day, rested and breathed in peppermint essential oil. I also created a safe healing container that last day ½.

Nights are not bad because I get to sleep. Those last couple hours before I got to have my first drink were intense. Seriously I took it an hour at a time.

What I gained from this: self confidence, inner self esteem, a feeling of feeling empowered and strong and knowing I can handle whatever life throws at me! If I can abstain from eating or drinking anything for 3 days, I can do anything. It also reminded me to be present with my food and drinks and that I will not starve! I can slow down and be mindful when I eat. I have a new gratitude for clean water and for showers and to be able to brush my teeth!

I am going to try to do a 3 day fast monthly. And I am trying to do dry intermittent fasting instead of with water. I like to eat my dinner at 4pm and breakfast at 9am. So for those 16-17 hours, I will not drink water. I will see if this works for my body. This is not for everyone. I was encouraged by a practitioner to try this and see if it would shift anything in my body. Definitely check with your doctor before doing any type of extreme fasting.

I broke my fast with cold water with a little salt. Then I had some coconut water. And then I sipped on bone broth and turmeric tonic. I took a shower and got my face wet and brushed my teeth! The small things we take for granted daily.

I am really grateful for this time to connect with God, my inner being and Goddess and allow for some beautiful soul healing. Thanks for reading and much love to you all xoxo

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