Biohacking Basics

I’ve been on a biohacking journey for about four years. I started the journey because I wanted to see if I could use tools aside from supplements and herbs to improve my health. I also wanted to transform my mindset and teach myself that I am not broken or sick, and I have the power to heal my body. Since attending the Bulletproof Biohacking conference this month, I have even more tools under my belt. As you read on to discover some of my favorites, keep in mind that Biohacking is very much a journey, and that you can’t expect huge changes overnight. Some tools that work for me may not work for you, and vice versa! It’s important to learn what works for your body.

  1. The first, and most important, part of making any changes in my lifestyle is going inward. Everything starts with full acceptance of and love for myself. I’ve had to face fears, push through barriers and negative patterns, lean into some pain, and cultivate a desire to grow. Meditation is so helpful when it comes to staying present, and reminds me how powerful my body is. In many ways, it’s the original Biohacking tool!
  2. So much of our own healing occurs when we sleep. If we have a poor sleep quality, nothing else we do will be as effective as it could be. I just purchased an Oura ring, which is amazing for measuring my sleep quality! It also tracks my steps and activity, along with my heart rate and resting periods. It also has an airplane mode feature, which you can use to eliminate the harmful effects from Bluetooth. Some other tips to improve your sleep quality: wear blue light blocking glasses like TrueDark at night, at least two hours before bed. Add plants to your home to prove air oxygenation and quality, and try an air purifier like Molekule (my favorite!) Put your phone down two hours before bed. I also use a salt rock lamp for improved air quality and wear an eye mask and earplugs. I turn off my wifi at night and switch my phone to airplane mode, shut my blackout curtains, and I’m ready for bed!
  3. Hydration! Staying hydrated and drinking filtered water seems simple, but actually is a huge key in making sure our body is staying hydrated. Make sure you’re not filtering the minerals out of your water! Filtered water is important, but choose one like the Berkey filter to make sure you’re keeping the important minerals intact.
  4. Get outside! Vitamin D is vital, as is connecting with the earth. Grounding or earthing is the practice of connecting your bare feet with the earth, and helps remove radiation from flying.
  5. I have a PEMF mat called MAS. There are many PEMF mats and devices out there, but I love mine and have found it to be tremendously helpful when it comes to my healing, sleep, hormone balance, adrenals, and metabolism. I also have a red light called the Redrejuvinator. It’s a combo of red light and near infrared light. I use it all over my body to help regenerate my cells and improve my mitochondria, as well as for pain, inflammation, and sleep.
  6. I wear my blue light blockers all day to block junk light and to protect my eyes and adrenals, and I switch to my red glasses for bed.
  7. I try to incorporate some type of exercise every day, along with lower heart rate activities like yoga and tai chi. I also practice meditation, breathwork, mindfulness, and gratitude every day.
  8. Food is also an important biohacking tool. I meal plan each day to make sure I’m getting all of the macronutrients, and I set myself up for success during busy, stressful days. I also practice intermittent fasting a couple of days per week to cleanse and reset my digestive system.


If you’re brand new to biohacking and want to apply it to your life, start slow! Start with meditation and gratitude, and look at your food and how you fuel your body. From there, start with the basics: adjust your sleep habits, switch to filtered water, exercise, and limit your screen time. You’ll be ready for cryotherapy, infrared saunas, colonics, and red light therapy in no time!

You can always reach out to me on Instagram if you have questions or feedback, and I’d love to hear from you if you try any of these tips! I love staying connected to you during my journey and yours.

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