7 Tips To De-stress During The Holidays

The holiday season is upon us. Shopping, travel, family, friends, secret santa, holiday parties, fun, obligations… I could go on and on. So much happening at once can be stressful, so I thought I’d share some of my de-stressing tips with you.

  1. Meditation is always important for me, but especially during busier times. If I start my day with a meditation and prayer, my day is more likely to flow with ease and grace. When I travel back to Georgia to spend the holiday with my family, it can be challenging to get the private time to do my morning practice. Even if I just get 10 minutes alone in the morning, it makes a huge difference and helps me stay balanced with my family and in the face of holiday stress.
  2. Exercise is by far my most effective stress reliever. Even more than a health or calorie-burning tactic, it is an incredible way to release stress and reset.
  3. Meal Planning & Prep is crucial and sets me up for success during busy holiday weeks! On Sundays I plan and prep my meals, which helps me avoid overeating, stress eating, making bad decisions in-the-moment. When I am tired and stressed, it’s really easy to overeat and make poor food choices. Meal prep keeps me in line with my intentions to have a balanced diet, even when I’m indulging at a party on the weekend.
  4. Organizing my schedule for the week on Sunday helps me relax and enjoy my time during the week. My work, exercise, social activities, self love dates, shopping, meal prep… everything goes into my planner. Knowing that my days are organized and that everything will get done keeps my mind free to enjoy and be present in all the wonderful moments of the season.
  5. Self Love Dates are how I reset and ground myself throughout the week. I schedule a day or ½ day every week just for me – no friends or family. This could be a massage, a day at the beach, a new meditation or dance class, the Korean spa, a long hike with my puppy, trying a new restaurant, or going to the farmers market. Even if I only have an hour, I make sure to schedule in some “me” time.
  6. Gratitude lists are an important of my morning routine. Even if I only say my list mentally, it’s a part of my practice I do every day without fail. When I am stressed and overwhelmed, I get quiet and remember how blessed my life is. I immedieately shift my energy from anxiety and fear to gratitude and joy, remembering to be present and grateful for this day. This change and shift in energy helps calm and center me.
  7. Sunshine and nature are great stress relievers. With all of the shopping and running around during the next weeks, sometimes I forget to take a minute outside. I’m so lucky to live in Southern California where I can put my feet in the sand for even a few minutes on a winter day. Or I can choose to take a walk or hike with my puppy instead of going to the gym. Just going outside for 15-20 minutes is an amazing way to rest and rejuvenate. Sunshine is healing (in moderation) and helps restore our vitamin D. And just a few minutes with bare feet on the ground helps to ground us through the stress.

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