Chef Amber’s Wholicious™ – Episode 10 How To Maintain Body Positivity

Hi and welcome to Wholicious! This is our final episode for season one y’all. I can’t even believe it. I’m Amber Caudle aka Chef Amber and I have been a professional chef for over 25 years. I’m a holistic lifestyle advocate, Author of the cookbook, ‘Sexy Nourishing Foods to Fuel Your Body, Mind and Soul’ and my book, ‘Hungry, Why I F***ing Eat’ and your host of the show Wholicious. I have helped and coached 1000s of people over the past 10 years to balance their lives through healthy delicious food, and I will help and coach YOU on how to have a healthy relationship with food in your body. Together, we’ll dive deep into how to live a wholicious lifestyle.


Body Positivity

Today’s episode is a very passionate topic and very close to my heart. It’s about body positivity, and how you can glow from the inside out really loving and accepting your beautiful body. I’m excited to share my mirror practice. It will help you stay connected, accept yourself, love yourself and your beautiful body. Then I will cook a very delicious, sexy, healthy meal afterwards. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been on a journey to really love and accept myself and my body and to have a healthy relationship with food. This has been a journey for sure and I am still on it. Loving and accepting our bodies takes time and is a daily practice. I wrote my book, ‘Hungry, Why I F***ing Eat’ which is about my dynamic emotional relationship with food. I share in-depth how I struggled with disordered eating and hating my body for three decades. I also give many tips and tools on how to form a healthy relationship with food, yourself and your body and how to really start to love and accept your body. I will be reading sections from my book, ‘Hungry’ at the end of the show. 

Being comfortable and confident in your own skin comes down to being in acceptance of the body you have right now today. Today. Not comparing yourselves to your friends or the influencers on social media. It took me years to stop comparing myself and thinking something was wrong with my body because I didn’t look like the models in the magazines. Thank God today there’s more focus on body positivity, and that all bodies are beautiful. And think about it, how boring it would be if we all look the same. And this body positivity message was not around when I was deep in my eating disorder and hating on my body. And y’all listen, like I said, this did not happen overnight for me. And I still have days where I get out of acceptance and want to change something about my body. This is usually when I’m run down, triggered, sleep deprived, or really in an emotional low. So the first thing I do when I’m in a low is to really attack my body because this is an old comfortable strategy of mine. 


How do we Get Back Into Acceptance? 

By my body positivity mirror practice. 



This practice is most powerful if you do it naked. This is something that some of us need to work up to, I had to work up to it also. However, once you were there, it is such a beautiful practice. Standing in the mirror naked and having gratitude for every part of your beautiful, amazing body. Then continue thanking your body and honoring and adorning your beautiful body, thanking your body for the strength and power and for how hard it works for you. I know when I’m out of acceptance, and I start to criticize my body, it’s time for me to get naked in front of the mirror. And believe me over time, this will help build acceptance for your beautiful body NOW and gain confidence. 

So now I’m going to head over to my mirror. I have a full length mirror. Best with a full length mirror. I like to stand in front of the mirror naked and no I’m not going to get naked today. I’m going to keep my clothes on. And I really make eye contact with myself. Take some deep breaths, give myself a nice smile. And I love to say, “I love you body!” And really I start to adorn every part of my body. I love you breast. I like to put my hands on I love you stomach. I love you thighs. I love you booty. I love you arms. Like really just like squeeze yourself. Feel yourself. Adorn every part of your body especially if there’s a body part where you’re like, oh, that is not my favorite. That’s when you really need to like show it some love. I love you stomach. I love you stomach and thank your body. Have gratitude for your body for how hard it works for you 24 hours a day. And you know what, like I said before, this is a practice and some days are harder than others. Okay, I might walk by mirror one day and be like, oh, and feel out of acceptance. So you know what I do, I get naked and I get in front of the mirror. And over time, this really becomes addicting. And it really truly builds that confidence and that inner self esteem. I always feel better after my naked mirror practice. I feel more confident, definitely feel more connected to myself. I feel embodied. I feel very powerful and definitely connected to my divine feminine power. 

After my mirror practice, I like to close my eyes and put my hand on my heart and on my stomach and thank myself, thank my body and have so much gratitude for how beautiful I am now. This practice is a practice and like I said, I do it every day. Okay, you have to work up to it. But you know what, after you do this, specially if you do it in the morning and you’re feeling triggered or sad, it immediately shifts your energy and you’ll strut out of the house feeling so confident and amazing in your body. Body positivity is really the key for glowing from the inside out. It’s the truest form of self love. 


Today’s Episode

Okay, we’re about to jump into the kitchen. Okay, I’m feeling so good. I hope you’re feeling confident and amazing and loving yourself. The meal today I’m cooking is a meal most requested by my customers, family and friends. We’re going to be cooking wild salmon with this curry coconut sauce with a fluffy Brazilian rice. And then a guilt free chocolate premium Medino with cacao nibs. All right, join me in the kitchen.

Okay, now that we’re feeling confident in our body and full of self love, from our naked mirror practice, we’re going to get into the sexiest meal. Okay, one of the best ways that I show myself self love is by nourishing my body with the right foods. So this seared salmon with a fluffy Brazilian rice and a creamy carrot curry sauce is the most requested meal by my family and friends. And it brings me so much joy to cook this for them. It’s also one of the famous dishes at my Nine24 Kitchen in Manhattan Beach, my restaurant. Alright, so we’re going to start with that, then we’re gonna finish with a creamy chocolate budino. 


Salmon & Brazilian Rice Recipes

Okay, let’s jump in to our fluffy Brazilian rice. So first thing that I want to talk about is I have rinsed and strained the rice. So let me just talk to you about it for a second. So the rice I want to be really fluffy. I don’t want it to be so sticky and starchy. Like if I was making a risotto, and so I learned this from a Brazilian friend a couple years ago, and I’ve never made rice another way. So what you do is you basically put this in a strainer and you run it under the water for probably two minutes until the water is clear. What we’re doing is we’re rinsing all the starch from the rice. So this is nice and fluffy. Okay, now the secret to this rice is really a ton of extra virgin olive oil. So we’re going to do about a fourth a cup of extra virgin. And then I’m going to add about a fourth of an onion, a white onion, and also some garlic. That’s going to be kind of the secret base. You can’t even tell that it’s going to be in the rice because it’s going to be nice and carmelized in with the rice. 

Okay, that feels really good. We’re basically going to fry the onion and the garlic. Alright, that looks amazing. So let’s get our oil nice and hot. I’m going to add our onion. Okay. And then I’m just going to do a nice chop here of our garlic and can be pretty rough. Yeah, like I said, once I learned how to make rice this way, seriously, I haven’t gone back because I love how fluffy it is. Okay, this is great. I’m going to put the garlic in here. And I’m going to do a little pinch of salt. All right. Now, just give it a little stir. I want this heat on medium, because I really want to get a nice caramelization on our onions and our garlic. All right. I’m going to let that sit and I’m going to let the onion and garlic kind of fry and carmelize in the oil. Right let me check my heat. I want it to carmelize but I don’t want it to burn. 


Coconut Curry Sauce

Alright, so our rice is going I’m going to start on our coconut curry sauce. We’re going to do a couple things here all at once. Okay, we’re gonna multitask. All right. So I’ve got my Vitamix, you definitely need a tamper for this. Okay, whatever high speed blender you’re using. And already I’ve got roasted carrots. So I’ve got about a pound of roasted carrots here that I sliced nice and thin and did a quick little roast. You can also boil sliced carrots. Don’t worry about the shape or the size or the cut because we’re going to blend it. It can be very rustic. Okay, so you can put your carrots in the blender and we give our rice to stir. Oh my gosh, the best smell. Onion and garlic frying and olive oil. I mean there’s really not a better smell. All right, here we go. Perfect. We’re gonna let that go for about one more minute before we add our rice. 

Okay. All right, so we’ve got our carrots in here, I’m going to use a cup of full fat coconut milk. I love the creaminess of the coconut milk. And then for our spices, I’ve got some curry, tumeric, a little salt. And I’ve said in the past couple episodes that when I’m cooking with Tumeric got to add a pinch of black pepper so your body can absorb the Tumeric okay. So I’m going to add this in there. And a little teaspoon little splash of sherry vinegar. That’s a good, that’s good for our acid. To make this extra creamy, we’re going to do a fourth a cup of olive oil. I’m gonna just kind of drizzle this in here. Okay, while I’m waiting for this oil, you can do a little stir over here. Okay, that’s great. All right. Before I start blending, we’re going to finish our rice so we can get this cooking. Let me turn it down I want this low. All right, now that our rice now that our onion and garlic, see how they’re becoming a little bit translucent a little bit see through, you can see a little bit of brown starting to happen around the corners. Okay, I’m going to add our rice that’s been strained. See how it’s a little bit paler. Okay, and add this in. Right. Okay, I’m gonna give this a little stir, just to coat the rice with the oil, the onion, the garlic. All right. 


Rice Tip

Another key to this is that instead of adding cold water, I have some water that’s already been boiling in the kettle. So I’m going to add two cups of water to this. We’re going to cover it and I’m going to set the timer for 15 minutes. The key with rice is don’t monkey with it. Don’t pull the lid off and say oh is my rice ready? Rule of thumb 15 minutes, turn off the heat, you’ll have fluffy perfect rice. Okay, so I’ve got some hot water here and add my two cups of water just like this. Okay, I’m gonna give it one more stir because I want to make sure that I don’t have little pieces of rice stuck up at the top because what will happen they’ll get kind of burnt and crispy. So you want to make sure that all your little pieces of rice are covered in the water. Okay, that looks great. Make sure my heat is good. I’m going to cover this and that’s going to go for 15 minutes. 

Okay, we can kind of like leave that be. All right. Now we can come back over here and we’re going to blend our coconut carrot curry sauce. And it’s mild curry. So I’ve said this to people that are like, Oh, I don’t like curry. It’s too spicy. It’s very very mild. Alright, let’s take a peek.

Oh yeah, you taste that. That’s perfect. I need to turn down my heat here. We are boiling. Okay. All right. So this is done. This looks perfect to me. Do a little look over here. Okay. I’m going to set it to the side. All right, so our rice is going, we’ve got our coconut curry sauce ready. I want to make a note about the salmon before I start on the budino. So anytime I’m searing protein fish or meat, or steaks, I always let my protein sit out for about 30 minutes, let it come to room temperature. 


Why Do You Set Your Protein Out about 30 Minutes Prior to Searing?

You’ll get a better sear so the protein can be a little bit the protein will sear and have a nice crispy skin if it’s not so cold. 


So if you walked into any professional kitchens, including my own, and we’re going through a rush, you’re gonna see lots of steaks and pieces of fish sitting out ready to be seared for service. Okay, so if you’re at home, and you’re ever wondering, gosh, why can’t I get that crispy skin or I can’t get that perfect sear? It’s because your fish is probably too cold. Okay, so I’m gonna let that sit out. And we’ll do that. We’ll do that last. Okay. All right, we’re gonna start on the budino. 



Now, so all right, so I’m gonna start with a budino and back here. Let me just come up here for a minute. I’ve got two cups of full fat coconut milk. And I want to tell you a little background about budino. So I was trained, southern Italian, I trained actually under a southern Italian Chef in Colorado. And then I got to train in Sorento, Italy, and one of their best desserts is a budino which is basically like a fancy pudding and it’s made usually with heavy whipping cream, and heavy whipping cream and white sugar. And so today, we’re going to make this with coconut milk and a little bit of coconut sugar so we can have a healthy nourishing budino. 

So what did I just add in here? I added a little bit of maca and mesquite. The mesquite gives it that nice malty flavor and the Maca is one of my favorite adaptogens and really great for overall vitality and sexual health. Okay, and I’m just gonna give this a nice whisk. Okay, I’m gonna put this on the burner but one thing about this budino that’s so easy, that’s not very stressful is when we’re cooking with heavy cream and milk. It’s so easy for it to curdle. We don’t have to worry about coconut curdling so it’s like less stress. Okay. All right, our rice is looking good. I’m checking the heat. All right, this is going to boil. Alright, so while that’s boiling, we’re going to do whisk our coconut sugar. So I’ve got coconut sugar here, and I’ve got six egg yolks. I’ve already got the egg yolks in here. All right, and let me grab my whisk. I’m just gonna borrow this whisk here. 


Whisk Away

Okay, and we’re gonna whisk for about two minutes. I really want to whisk this until it gets nice and fluffy. Okay, so we’re going to do this for about two minutes, you’ll see that the clumps will go away, like really go away. Okay, you wouldn’t want to stop here. It looks like it’s ready, but it’s not. You’re going to see how it’s going to change color. And the coconut sugar is going to really lighten up and fluff up the egg yolks. I’m gonna keep going here. Getting my workout today. Okay. And this is such a simple dessert. What I love is when I’m entertaining, you can make these a couple of nights before put them in cute little pretty glasses. You can even put them in martini glasses and pull them out. We’re going to top them with cacao nibs today. And it’s just like such a lovely simple, elegant, sexy dessert. Okay, see how it’s starting to become lighter and a little bit fluffy?

And this is a dessert that will blow when your guest it’s really easy and effortless. Those are the best type of desserts. Alright, see how fluffy it’s getting? This is looking good. Okay. sugar dissolved. It looks creamy. Alright, perfect. 

Let’s check our milk here. Okay. All right. So you think you’ve got a little bit of bubbles coming? Right here. See, we’re almost there. It’s like a light light simmer. Okay, we’re gonna just want this to be a little bit hotter. Because the next step what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the coconut milk, we’re going to whisk it into our egg yolk, coconut sugar. We’re going to do it slowly so we don’t curdle and cook the eggs and make scrambled eggs, and then we’ll put it back into the pan. Okay, let me go ahead and look at our salmon so we can sear the salmon right after this. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to lightly kind of tap any extra moisture that’s on top so we get a really good sear. And this has already been sitting out for about a half an hour, so I’m not really worried about that. I’m going to salt each side. Okay, so we’ll salt the skin. Definitely salt the skin. Crispy skin is absolutely the best. So we’ll do a nice generous salt on both sides. Hey, I can smell our rice smelling right. Okay. And this is almost ready. Okay, perfect. 


Don’t Make Scrambled Eggs

Okay, now what I’m going to do is I’m going to slowly whisk in our coconut milk mixture. Again, if you were to do this really quickly and not whisk it you’re going to cook your eggs, you’re going to make scrambled eggs. Believe me, in culinary training, I can’t tell you how many scrambled bodinos I made. Okay? It’s not a chef’s favorite. Alright, there we go. That’s perfect. Right. Now I’m going to take our mixture, I’m gonna put it back into our pan. Put it back on the oven. 

Now I have a little thermometer here, it’s actually called a candy thermometer, you can get these off an Amazon, they’re super cheap. I’m going to put this on the edge of the pan here. And we’re going to bring it up to about 175 degrees. That happens really quickly. And I’m actually going to stir this with the spatula. Yeah, it’s already getting hot. And I can show you that the way to do it is I kind of make circles around like this. Constantly scraping the sides. Okay, if you let this sit, you’re gonna make a scrambled egg soup. Okay, a scrambled egg budino soup. So really get the bottoms, really get the edges and keep on stirring. Okay, so it’s gonna take only about two minutes. And I can check with my candy thermometer. You know, like I said before this is so it’s so great because it’s so stressful cooking with heavy cream and milk because this could curdle in like five seconds. So kind of takes the pressure off. Alright, so we’re just going to let this go

for just a couple more minutes. And let’s check our temperature here. Okay, we’re almost there okay, that’s almost ready. I’m going to grab our chocolate. 


Paleo Chips

Okay, in our bowl here, I have one cup of chocolate and now this, this is actually chopped up paleo chocolate chips. And I always use the Paleo chocolate chips because I want this to be free of processed sugar. And so I always remind that the Paleo chocolate chips are made with coconut sugar or maple. I’m going to add a nice pinch of salt because chocolate and sea salts like the best combo, okay. And I’m going to get ready to pour our egg mixture over our chocolate. Okay. Our rice is almost ready, and then we’re gonna start searing our fish. Okay, this is looking amazing. Okay, so this is perfect. All right. We are. All right, great. All right, now I’m going to grab the immersion blender. 


Magic Ingredient

But first, a little magic ingredient for this is I’m going to add I don’t know, like a tablespoon a big tablespoon of olive oil. Olive oil, chocolate sea salt. I mean, that’s like the best situation really. Okay, I’ve got this immersion blender. Immersion blenders. Don’t be intimidated by them. They’re really easy. You can find them off of Amazon also. And they’re like under $20. But it gives it like a nice blend. It’s really gonna froth it up. Okay, hold on okay, do that for a couple seconds. That looks good. And definitely making a little bit of a chocolate mess here. But that’s okay. Chocolate everywhere. All right, let me just get this off. A little chocolate on the salmon. Alright. Okay, so now I’m going to put a little bit of this mixture in here. Okay, oh my gosh, clumsy chef. See, it happens to us too. 


Pretty Glasses

All right, now I’ve got these nice little budino glasses. I’m using little rock glasses from my restaurant. And you can use whatever glasses you want. You can use like I said martini glasses are really nice. And I’m just going to pour a little into there like that. And these are actually going to go in the fridge they need about four hours. I like to do them the night before. So they really firm up. And like I said it’s such an easy prep to do the night before and then you can pull them out for your guests. Alright, so I’m gonna throw these in the frigerator just pull these out and put these in the frigerator okay. All right. 


Hot Pan

Okay, I think our rice is almost done. And we’re going to start searing our fish and we’re going to start to prepare our fish and finish our rice and oh our rice is looking good. Uh, okay, I’m cheating. And I’m showing you guys, but we literally have one more minute. Okay, I’m gonna move this to the back, and we’re gonna start to sear our fish. OK, let’s get our pan nice and hot. The key to searing fish or any protein, you’ve got to have your pan nice and hot. Okay, this is definitely where the heat needs to be high. We’re going to use avocado oil. Avocado oil and coconut oil have a high smoking point so it doesn’t burn. And also, we absorb it better in our body. So cooking with searing with olive oil, olive oil doesn’t have a high smoking point. So sometimes it can burn and it can leave like a little bit of a bitter flavor. So I like to finish with my olive oils. Okay, so we’re doing coconut oil, not coconut oil. We’re gonna do some avocado oil. Right, I’m gonna do a nice amount here of avocado oil. Okay, and I’m gonna let that get nice and hot. I’ve got my heat cranked up. 

Okay, my fish is ready. We’ve salted it. It’s been sitting out for 30 minutes. Okay, feeling good. All right, let’s test it out. See where we’re at. Okay, I want it to be a little bit hotter. The worst is putting your fish into kind of medium warm oil. And it’s really going to stick to the pan. You’re not going to get that crispness, but I can hear it now. Oh, yeah. Okay, we’re ready. I’m going to go skin down first. And I like to take my spatula, and really press it into the oil. Really press it in there. All right, perfect. And I’m going to let this go for about a minute and a half on each side. And the key to searing fish. Don’t touch it. Like don’t move it around and shake the pan because I really want to get some nice carmelize skin. All right. Our rice is done. Let me peek at it.

Look at this. Look at how fluffy it is. Oh, my gosh. Okay, so I’m gonna let this sit for a second before I add the herbs because we’re going to add some dill and thyme and parsley. Okay. All right, this is looking. Great. I’m gonna press do another little press down. I see it getting nice and brown. My heat is hot. The oil is hot. You can hear it right. Okay, I think it’s time to. Oh yeah, I’m gonna do a nice little flip here all right. See how nice and brown the top is. All right. All right, I’m gonna let that go. Now I’m really gonna let this sit but I want that skin to be really crispy. I’m going to finish this in the oven on broil. 

And we’re going to actually add some coconut aminos. Coconut aminos give it like a little bit of a sweetness and is a good substitution for soy sauce. You can also use soy here, but I tend to not cook with soy. So I am using coconut aminos and it’s literally coconut tree sap is the only ingredient. Okay, and it’s going to add like a little bit of a sweetness. Okay, this is going as soon as I see the skin really popping, I can hear it popping. We’re gonna finish it with lemon and with coconut aminos and we’re gonna throw these babies in the oven. Okay, let me get my fresh herbs ready. So we’re going to use some fresh thyme here. And I’m just going to pull it like this. We’ll do a little bit more fresh thyme because I love it. It’s delicious. Okay, so we’ve got some thyme. Definitely some dill, we’re gonna finish our dish with dill okay. And then I’m going to chop up a little bit of parsley. So I’m gonna kind of grab some parsley here. And let’s give that a nice, a nice little chop. And I’m going to add this to our rice. It’s going to be nice and herbaceous. Okay, it’s gonna be perfect with the coconut curry sauce. All right.

Coming back here, I’m going to add it to our rice and I’m gonna fluff this up or it’s going to kind of with a fork is the best to kind of fluff the rice. Add the herbs. Oh my god, it’s smells so good. This is actually one of my favorite comfort foods. This fluffy white rice. Alright. Oh my gosh. Delicious. Okay, perfect. Sit back to the side. Alright, so our salmon is definitely ready to go into the oven. I’m actually going to flip it one more time. Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to show you the skin. Look at that crispy skin because the skin is my favorite. Look at that. You see it? Okay. I want to put it in the oven on broil with the skin up so the skin can even get a little bit more crispy. I’m going to put the juice of half of a lemon right on top of that skin. Okay. And to take our coconut aminos and do a nice kind of drizzle. Yes, baby. I love it. This is going to go into the oven. Okay. Okay, our meals almost ready. How excited are you? Okay? This is such a great meal to that I make for a friend. They need a little extra love. It’s just it’s brings me so much joy to make it because people get so happy and it really showed this. Cooking a nourishing meal for my family and friends is like the best way I show love. Okay, let’s finish this. 



Alright, here we go. First, we’re gonna put a nice bed of carrot sauce on the bottom. Like a nice bed of carrot sauce. And how beautiful is it? I mean look at this. Okay. All right, that looks gorgeous. All about presentation. Right. Then we’re going to add some rice let me grab my and put a nice spoon full of rice right here. Okay, gorgeous. Right? Let me check on our salmon. Alright, that skin is crispy. Okay. All right. That skin I like to put the skin up for presentation to show how crispy and sexy it is. And then I’m going to put some fresh dill to finish this off. 

Okay. All right, so we have some fresh dill than to do just a little sprinkle of molten sea salt on the top. And of course, we’re going to finish it with the drizzle of extra virgin. Look at that. I mean, if this is not sexy food, what is it? What is? Look at this. When you taste it, this is definitely orgasmic. Let’s finish our bodino. Now okay, I’ve got some bodinos that I made earlier today so they could be nice and firm. So the ones I put in the frigerator are very liquidy right? So those will harden up in about four hours or overnight. And then I’m going to top this with some cacao nibs. So we’ve got some cacao nibs here full of antioxidants. This will give you actually a little bit of energy. Okay, I love the nibs. I like the bitterness mixed with the sweetness. Oh my gosh. 

So we’ve got our gorgeous salmon. crispy skin with fluffy Brazilian rice with that creamy carrot curry coconut sauce. And then for dessert, we’ve got these sexy, beautiful little blue bodinos and seriously this is this is the dish okay? This is the dish. This is the meal. You’re gonna love it. I can’t wait for you to try it. 


Book Excerpt

Okay, I’m going to meet you in my spiritual corner where I’m going to read a page out of my book ‘Hungry, Why I F***ing Eat’ and this page is all about body positivity and loving and accepting our beautiful bodies and a little bit of my journey towards that. All right, y’all so I’m getting cozy because I’m about to read you a page out of my book ‘Hungry? Why I F***ing Eat’ and feeling emotional? Because this is the last episode of season one of Wholicious and I think it’s perfect to finish off with this beautiful body positivity episode today with that sexy seared salmon with the coconut curry and the bodino right. So feeling really good. So I want to share this because this is a little page at the end of the book about body positivity. 

Okay, so I thought it’d be perfect to read this to you guys today. “Exercise was always linked in my mind with body image. So I’ve always had to shift my perspective to see exercise as a part of healthy living instead. It doesn’t matter what your body looks like. What matters is if you are healthy And I, for one cannot get enough of the body positivity movement. It really is about time we start this conversation around accepting all body types, and that we are all so beautifully unique and different. Because I always say, how boring would it be if we all look the same? How do I describe what a positive body image means to me? It is all about feeling embodied, radiant, confident, powerful, unstoppable, and free. The happiness of accepting yourself in your own skin is where the freedom truly lies. positive body image is when you look at yourself in the mirror, all naked, and still give yourself a smile, you adore and love every part of yourself with complete gratitude and acceptance. This feeling leads to loving yourself enough to feed your body delicious, healthy, sexy meals. Now, instead of going down a self loathing rabbit hole of self destruction, I can pause, breathe and get out of this negative energy much easily and quickly. When this energy surges up within me, I figure that I’m tired and not an acceptance of something. And this is always a smack in the face from God to look inward and realize that there is nothing to not accept in me, if I don’t accept myself who will.”

So I feel like you know, to end this episode in the show today, remembering that you are perfect the way you are right now. And that learning to love and accept yourself is a journey, but it’s possible. And I’ve shared tips and tools through the whole season of these 10 episodes. Today was a beautiful one of getting in front of the mirror naked. I shared some digitalization exercises, some other mirror affirmation exercises of how you can really start to love and accept yourself because, like I said, if we don’t love and accept ourselves, who will? And I feel like it’s a practice and it’s a it’s a journey, and I’m really really touched a little emotional right now, feeling so blessed and grateful that you’ve joined me on this journey that you’re on this journey with me and I can’t wait for season two y’all. And just thank you again for being here for joining me for witnessing me for being a part of this discussion. You know, take care of yourself, your mind, your body and your soul. And if you love this episode, give it a thumbs up and stay connected with me. If you have any questions or ever any comments please comment below and I will definitely stay connected with you. Subscribe to this channel Chef Amber’s Wholicious so you can be an active part of my vision of a healthy world through food. And remember, healthy as the new sexy!

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