Matcha Chlorella Waffles

3/4 cup gf oats

1/2 cup plus 2 T Nuzest Matcha Vanilla protein

1 1/2 cups almond milk

1/2 t cinnamon

1 t vanilla

2 t chlorella

pinch salt


This recipe is super fast and easy. Also great to make and store in the fridge and have ready for when you want a fast waffle. These are balanced with complex carbs, healthy fat and tons of protein, also energy from the matcha and an easy great way to sneak in your chlorella! I like these because they are not very sweet. If you want a sweeter waffle, you can add 2 T of honey or maple or a couple drops of stevia.

Drizzle with the almond butter maple, berries, and nut or seeds for an added crunch!


  1. Heat your waffle iron. Spray generously with coconut or avocado oil.
  2. Blend all into a vitamix or a high speed blender until smooth.
  3. Put half the batter into the waffle maker and cook for 3 1/2 minutes. You might have to adjust depending on the temperature. I like to cook mine a little extra to have crispy edges!

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