Private Classes

Have you been craving some one on one time with your very own Healthy Chef? If you’ve got lots of questions or a desire to learn how to prepare food that tastes and feels amazing, you might like to try a Private Class with Chef Amber.

Individuals and small groups may choose a hands-on cooking class in our kitchen in Torrance, weekday mornings only.

Larger groups (6+) can schedule a demo & tasting class in El Segundo. This is great for birthday parties and celebrations.

Request your class here.

Hands On Cooking Classes:

Just You and Me: $350 | 2.5 hours

2 or 3 students: $250 pp | 2.5 hours

4 students: $200 pp | 2.5 hours

Group Demo & Tasting:

6+ people: $100 per person | 2 hours

Menus for Hands On Cooking-Classes:

Healthy Baking Menu

(paleo, gluten free) includes Savory Almond Bread, Savory Chicken Muffins, Protein Breakfast Cake, and two kinds of Cookies

Vegan Menu 

(vegan, gluten free) includes Agar Agar Fruit Gummies, Coconut Yogurt with Buckwheat Granola, Seasonal Soup, Quinoa Salad with Nut Cream, and a Vegan Dessert

Snacks & Treats Menu 

(paleo, gluten free) includes Veggie Cheese in a Collard Wrap, Cauliflower Gelatin Protein Fudge, Smoothie Veggie Bowl, Raw Keto Paleo Cookies, Paleo Protein Bread

Healthy Kids’ Food Menu

(gluten free) coming soon

Custom Menus

are available after consultation with an additional menu fee.