Cooking Consultation

Whether someone in your family has new dietary restrictions, or you’re just curious how to make your unique diet more interesting, Chef Amber has the answer.

Step One: Consultation

Cosult with Chef Amber via Video Chat to tell her all about your restrictions, food passions and needs. This 45-minute chat is the perfect way to stoke the creative fire.

Step Two: In-Home Cooking Class

Chef Amber will prepare a menu based on your needs and teach you (and up to 2 others) how to prepare your new menu. She’ll bring everything you need and show you what to do.

Step Three: Check-In

After you’ve spent a few weeks with your new knowledge and food, check in via video chat so that Chef Amber can answer your follow up questions and help you stay on track to enjoy your meals!

The Whole Package $750
Just want the initial consultation? $150

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