frittatas for all the seasons of your life

At the source cafe, we usually have two frittatas on the menu. They change seasonally, and one is egg-whites only, while one is whole eggs. Frittatas are something that will always be on the menu, because cheesy as it sounds, they’ll always be in my heart. They’re a part of my history. And cooking from the heart is what it’s all about, right?

In college, I worked at a restaurant that had a beautiful frittata, and it inspired me to create. I was trying to feed myself inexpensively, and experiment in the kitchen as much as I could. So what could be more fun and and affordable than using leftover veggies du jour to create a new frittatas? I’ve been making frittatas ever since, and still love the way they change with what’s in season, what I’m excited about, and what nourishes me.

I’m demonstrating a Kale Fennel Pecorino Frittata tomorrow at my cooking class, and to make it even more fun, I’m teaching it as individual frittatas, so you can freeze and thaw or heat when you need them! But I encourage you to play around with your leftover veggies, and see what amazing combinations you can create.

PS. My favorite things about frittatas:

  1. You can make big frittatas to feed a lot of people.
  2. They’re delicious hot, cold, OR room temp.
  3. You can fill them with whatever you want! Veggies, Herbs, Meats, Cheeses…


Want to join class tomorrow? Tickets here.

Join me on instagram and Facebook tomorrow between 6:30pm and 8pm pacific time to get a peek at my class.



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