the next chapter

These are exciting times! We’re getting ready to open a second Source location, and my co-author Taji and I have been taken on by a literary agent to represent our forthcoming cookbook! While stress can run high, I’m trying to take moments wherever I can to breathe and enjoy what’s in front of me. Between my sweet puppy Sadie, my amazing staff and customers, Cindy, my business partner at the Source, my family and friends, I am counting myself seriously lucky to have such a strong support system during this exciting time.

Who is in your support system? What are you working to accomplish? What opportunities are knocking on your door? Are you ready to let them in?

I think that when it’s time for a new chapter, we know it and we jump in. And when it’s time to lean on our support system, we thank the stars for them and lean away.

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  1. Jaime Alioto says:

    I love this, Chef Amber!! Here’s to new chapters and a new Source!


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