how to be your own smoothie bar

You probably know by now how much I love smoothies. It’s so easy to make your own smoothies once you know what to do, so I put together this little guide on how to be your own smoothie bar!


I have only used vitamix blenders, and I’ve been really happy with them. I’ve heard that people love Blendtec, too. The most important thing is to have a high-speed blender.


Stocking your pantry, fridge, and freezer with these items will help you keep a fully stocked smoothie bar in your kitchen!

Nut Milks

I stay away from cow’s milk. Occasionally I’ll drink goat’s milk, but in my smoothies I always use nut milks. You might find a brand you really like at the store, but I like to make my own so I know it’s high quality and free from preservatives and chemicals. Check out my almond milk blog, and the two quick nut milk recipes at the bottom of this post.


Adding a protein powder into your smoothie is a great way to boost the nutritional content. Take a look at the ingredients and make sure you’re getting what you need. You can choose paleo or vegan options. I love using collagen powder, SunWarrior’s brown rice protein, and Ancient Grains Vanilla Bone Broth Protein. There are also pea proteins, hemp proteins, and so many more. I always like to try the new protein powders that come out. See what works for you!

Basic Smoothie Recipe

1 ½ cups milk of choice

1 ½ cups mixed frozen veggies and fruit

a handful of greens

1 scoop protein powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons fat of choice (nut butter, coconut oil, mct oil, coconut butter, avocado, nuts or seeds)

Add in your favorite superfoods!

Hemp-Coconut Milk

Blend together: 4 cups water, a pinch of salt, ¼ cup hemp seeds, and ¼ cup dried coconut

Quick Nut Milk

Blend together:  ¼ cup nut butter, 4 cups water, and a pinch of salt


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