korean spa

One of my favorite self care rituals is going to the Korean Spa. Occasionally I’ll go with a friend, but usually it’s a solo self-love date.  I love that men and women have separate floors, so you can feel free to roam around in your birthday suit… it’s such a free feeling! I usually get the exfoliation body scrub, soak in the hot and cold baths, and sit in the salt and jade saunas.

The hot and cold baths help stimulate my immune system and my metabolism, and help with any inflammation I may be having.  The exfoliation scrub stimulates my lymphatic system while my skin gets revitalized.

The jade sauna helps to lower cerebral temperature, acting like a massage for the brain. It always calms my adrenals and helps relieve my stress and anxiety. The sodium and minerals inside the walls also help to balance my hormones, and the salt sauna cleanses my pores, and helps me detox.

Going to the Korean Spa is an affordable way to pamper yourself, and a great opportunity to feel great in your beautiful body, since most everyone walks around comfortably naked.

I hope you can find time to try it out if you’ve never been. I’m definitely going to go as soon as I get back from Atlanta!


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