co-creating: a recipe from co-authors

For several months I’ve been working with Chef Taji Marie on writing my first cookbook. It has been an amazing adventure, and I want to acknowledge what a pleasure this collaborative relationship is… so here’s our recipe for happy co-creating:


2 (or more) creative, inspired people

1 exciting topic, idea, or project

Lots of appreciation (or gratitude) added liberally, at any point, as often as you can.

A handful of hours without distraction

A pinch of admiration, as needed

A dash of determination (or dedication)


Let the ingredients come together in their own unique fashion. Allow the appreciation or gratitude, the hours, admiration, and determination nurture the inspired people and exciting topic, idea, or project. When you’re finished, Add some more admiration and appreciation to taste.

Chef Amber
Chef Amber
It’s not always easy to create with others. “Too many cooks in the kitchen” is a cliche for a reason, right?

That’s why I feel so blessed to be co-creating with Chef Taji. Chefs are often known for their egos, but with Taji, there’s no ego and no competition – we just inspire each other and have fun. She helps me take my passion, excitement, and ideas, and shape them into a cookbook that will inspire, teach, and tell my story. I feel lucky to have a co-author who shares my passion and deep appreciation for the journey, and gratitude for the moment. Working together is genuine, harmonious, and just plain fun.

Chef Taji
Chef Taji
There is nothing I love more than working with other talented, creative, visionary people. I’ve discovered that collaboration brings out the best in me; I love the creative spark that is generated by the back-and-forth of sharing ideas. This is where the magic happens.

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to help write and create cookbooks, so it’s a dream come true to work with the talented and lovely Chef Amber on a cookbook that will share her story, recipes and wisdom. I feel so lucky that we get to teach, inspire, and be storytellers. I love this mission we are on together to help people eat better, feel better and live better!

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